Gravity Ace

Progress report

Happy New Year! Along with the normal load of bug fixing (like drones waking up in the level editor!) and minor tweaks, here’s some of the more interesting stuff I’ve added recently:

Indicators for offscreen things

During testing, players didn’t like that you could accidentally destroy things that were offscreen. Things you couldn’t see. It didn’t feel fair. So I’ve added indicators at the edge of the screen for important things you shouldn’t blow up that you can’t see yet.

Indicator thingies for offscreen thingies

Added animated aiming crosshairs

Along with that, I added animations to the crosshairs to make it more interesting and also provide some feedback on which targets you may not want to shoot.

Idle, firing, good target, bad target

Removed the detection radius for enemies

In the level editor, there used to be a property called detection radius that set a range for when enemies could see you. Now, they see you when you’re on the screen together. It makes more sense and makes everything a little simpler.

Added cinematic level intros

Every level gets this intro treatment now. The background is flying by, the text swoops in, and every level gets a title and subtitle. You can skip it, of course.

Letterboxing means drama

Added secondary explosions

I don’t know if secondary explosions would actually happen in the vacuum of space. Maybe sometimes under the right conditions. Fortunately, we’re not really in space.

Added a proper level chooser

The previous level chooser was hard-coded for the few demo levels that are currently in the game. The new chooser was way more work than I expected but it was worth it. Now campaigns and levels are populated automatically and you can easily browse and play custom levels that you’ve made. Levels can be organized in a campaign so that they are played in the correct order.

Choose a campaign

Published January 2, 2019

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