Gravity Ace

Happy 2021!

Holiday break

  • Took a few weeks off around Christmas to recharge
  • Somewhat difficult to regain momentum
  • Good for me
  • Recent US politics has been challenging to my focus

Progress report

  • Nakama leaderboards
  • Started work on ice caves
    • Freeze rays
    • Destroyable ice walls
    • Things that melt
    • Ice walls that reflect bullets
    • Falling ice stalactites

Next game and development plans

  • Work on two games at once
  • Game development pipeline
  • 2+ releases every year
  • Procedural, roguelike, randomness, interacting systems, mostly linear, 30 minute sessions
    • Pros: no hand level design, very little story and writing if any, shorter dev cycle (haha), focus on my strengths
    • Spelunky 2, Nuclear Throne, Jupiter Hell all scratch that itch in different ways
    • Lots of interesting territory here

Published January 15, 2021

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