Gravity Ace
Gravity Ace is a daring deep-space action game coming soon to and Steam for Windows, Linux, and OSX


Game Gravity Ace
Developer John Watson
Location Southern California, USA
Release Date 2019 Early Access
Platforms Windows/Linux/OSX
Pricing TBD
Twitter @yafd


Gravity Ace is a game about piloting a small ship into dark caverns, blasting waves of enemies, retrieving the enemy’s reactor core, and making your escape — all while fighting the deadly embrace of crushing gravity. It is a modernized retro-arcade twin-stick shooter inspired by classic games like Thrust and Gravitar. You are The Pilot, a volunteer in the United Earth Forces, trained to fly behind enemy lines on daring, high-risk missions to sabotage the enemy and bring the war to a quick end. Pilots must master flying, shooting, and tractor beams in dangerous gravity wells to survive.

Gravity Ace will enter Early Access in 2019.


  • Many levels in 3 large worlds with an interconnected story
  • Many enemy types + boss fights
  • Create your own challenges and stories with the built-in level builder
  • Share your unique levels and campaigns with other players
  • Physics simulation of everything that moves
  • Modern retro-styled arcade gameplay
  • Original soundtrack
  • Gamepad or mouse/keyboard controls


Early development trailer

Level builder timelapse


About John Watson

John is a husband and father, artist, guitar player, and game developer. Gravity Ace is John’s first commercial release. He is developing the game solo, like a madman, and is very tired.


John Watson
Design, art, sound, and programming