Gravity Ace


Game Gravity Ace
Developer John Watson
Location Southern California, USA
Release Date May 26 2022
Platforms Windows + Linux
Pricing $14.99 USD
Twitter @yafd


Gravity Ace is a 2D multi-directional gravity shooter. It is a modernized retro arcade-style game inspired by classic 80s games like Thrust and Gravitar. You are The Pilot, a volunteer in the United Earth Navy, trained to fly behind enemy lines on daring, high-risk missions to sabotage the enemy and bring the war to a quick end. Pilots must master flying, shooting, and tractor beams in dangerous gravity wells to survive.


  • Gravity physics based gameplay requiring skillful play and determination
  • Fuel management that requires careful maneuvering to conserve enough fuel to escape
  • Modern retro-styled arcade gameplay
  • Physics simulation of everything that moves
  • 2 Single-player campaigns with 50 levels
  • Built-in level creator for building your own campaigns
  • 2D with pixel art graphics
  • Original soundtrack by Drewpy Music



Level builder demo


Can I stream it? Review it?

YES. You may create vidoes, streams, fanart, and reviews using images and video and sound from Gravity Ace.

You have explicit permission to showcase the game including sound and music in videos and live streams.

Please contact me if you want additional clarification or information. Please also let me know about your stream so that I can help promote it.

About John Watson

John is a husband and father, artist, guitar player, and game developer. Gravity Ace is John’s first commercial release. He is developing the game solo, like a madman, and is very tired.


Design, art, sound, and programming: John Watson

Level design: Peter “PitaBread” Doria

Music: Andrew “Drewpy” Larsen